Automation – Special-purpose machines

A fully integrated solution for the design, production and automation of your production tools.

Conception and manufacture of special-purpose machines and specific equipments.

Process optimization and automation.

With multiple skills and modern means of production, we design and manufacture unique industrial solutions.Conception et réalisation de machines spéciales et équipements sur mesure

Having control of the whole process, from conception to production, allows us a greater autonomy in the realization of your custom-made projects. We are able to answer a wide range of issues and to adapt to requirements of various sectors such as : Automotive industry, Aircraft, Electronics, Mecanical engineering, Manufacturing, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Food industry, etc.

Conception and manufacture of special-purpose machines and specific equipments

Whether your project involves a complete machine or a specific tool for an existing installation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will offer you a fully integrated solution from design to production.

Some examples of our realizations :

Process optimization and automation

With nearly 25 years of experience in industrial automation, C2L offers you custom-made support for the development aAutomatisation process industriels - C2Lnd the integration of automated solutions.

  • Installation and programming of PLC controllers

  • Development of Human Machine Interfaces

  • Integration of robot cells

  • Development of computer systems

  • Wiring and installation of electrical cabinets

Contact us to improve the performance of your production equipments.