Design – Manufacture – Integration

A perfectly integrated industrial pole to ensure autonomy and competitiveness in the design and realization of your projects.

CNC precision machining.

Mechanical assembly and systems integration.

3D measurement and control.

We provide you with 25 years of technical know-how reinforced with a solid experience in 3D modeling, control and machining to offer you a turnkey solution from conception to production of your custom-made projects.

Contact us for a fully personalized study of your project.

CNC precision machining

Study, design, manufacture and rectification

  • Complex and high-precision parts

  • Industrial moulds

  • Thermoforming moulds, multi-cavity moulds

  • Tailor-made tools

  • Complete mechanical assemblies

Manufacture from prototype to small series

Whatever your need, our teams have the necessary skills to successfully carry out your project and to answer a wide range of issues that require precision and high-technology.

Our production processes guarantee a high-quality surfacing and a reduction of post-machining operations.

We provide all the finishing operations such as heat treatment or surface treatment of your parts through a network of qualified partners.

Manufacture from drawing or model

If you do not have the original plan, we can recreate the 3D model of your workpiece. Equipped with a FARO measuring arm, we are able to scan your parts quickly with extreme precision.

If you only come with a project, our team supports you from product concept to production thanks to a solid experience in various industries and powerful 3D software.

Large machining capacity

  •  5-axis CNC milling machine : max 1 200 x 700 x 700 mm – 1 100 kg
  • 4-axis CNC vertical milling machine : max 1 035 x 560 x 510 mm – 1 000 kg
  • 4-axis CNC turning machine : max Ø 200 mm
  • Grinding machine : max 800 x 400 x 360 mm – 500 kg
  • Wire EDM machine :  max 600 x 400 x 310 mm

Machining all types of materials

A stock always available :Un stock de matières 1ères toujours disponible

  • Mild steel, pre-treated and tempered steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Non-ferrous alloys (such as aluminum and copper)

  • Plastics

  • Composite materials

This list is non-exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Mechanical assembly and systems integration for a custom finished product

In addition to machining parts, C2L carries out design and realization of custom finished products : development and manufacture of tailor-made systems, components integration, complex assembly, etc.

  • Electronic components

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

  • Pneumatic components

  • Hydraulic components

  • Mechanical components (engines, gearboxes, gears, etc.)

  • Wiring

  • Measuring instruments (switches, sensors, thermostats …)

  • Monitoring and detection systems (sensors, etc.)

  • Labeling system

3D measurement and control

Our expertise, combined with high-precision equipment, allows us to offer many services such as :

  • Dimensional and geometric control

  • Alignment

  • Calibration

  • 3D inspection

  • 3D digitalization

  • Reverse engineering

Portable measurement arm

Bras de mesure FARO EDGE - C2L

Our FARO’s portable 3D measurement system makes measuring complex objects easy. This includes alignment, calibration, inspection, reverse engineering, etc. With its built-in touch screen and on-board operating system, our measuring arm FARO Edge provides a stand-alone basic measurement capability.

Workpiece :   1 200 mm
Accuracy : ±0,034mm

Heidenhain 3D probe


This state-of-the-art probe for machine tool guarantees precision, reliability and a very high speed of execution.

Volume max :     1 250 x 710 x 710 mm
Accuracy :   ±0,008mm