Maintenance – Machinery revamping

Maintenance and revamping operation to improve the reliability of your equipment and the quality of your production.

Industrial maintenance.

Machinery revamping.

25 years of experience with companies from many sectors to improve competitiveness and productivity of your production equipments.

Industrial maintenance


We strongly recommend our customers to ensure preventive maintenance of their production tools in order to anticipate any possible malfunction and to reduce machines downtime.  For this purpose, a maintenance manual with troobleshooting instructions may be issued for users. Our teams can also intervene according to a pre-defined maintenance schedule.


  • Upgrading of manufacturing processes
  • Optimization of automation
  • Increase of production volumes
  • Reduction of production costs reduction
  • Improvement of operators working conditions

Machinery revamping

You wish to refurbish unused facilities, to improve the efficiency of your production tools, to retrofit or upgrade your equipments, to reinforce users safety ?

Our multi-technical teams bring you a fast custom-made solution to ensure a long-lasting installation of your production tools, consistent with your production objectives :

  • Assembling, disassembling and reworking of your facilities

  • Replacement of wearing parts

  • Integration of automated solutions

  • Wiring and refurbishment of electrical cabinet

  • Compliance and security for users

Revamping de machines